Unitholder Distribution Reinvestment Plan and Unit Purchase Plan

Since January 2000, H&R REIT has offered Canadian registered unitholders the opportunity to participate in its Unitholder Distribution Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP") and Unit Purchase Plan.

The DRIP allows participants to reinvest their monthly cash distributions in additional units of H&R REIT at the weighted average price of the units on the TSX for the five trading days immediately preceding the cash distribution date. In addition, participants are entitled to receive an additional distribution equal to 3% of each cash distribution reinvested pursuant to the DRIP, which will be reinvested in additional units.

The Unit Purchase Plan allows participants to purchase additional units on a monthly basis at the Average Market Price subject to a minimum purchase of $250 per month (up to a maximum of $13,500 per year) for each participant.

Click here for a copy of the DRIP and Unit Purchase Plan Brochure.

For more information on the DRIP and/or the Unit Purchase Plan, please email us through the "Contact Us" web page, or contact the plan agent: CST Trust Company, P.O. Box 7010, Adelaide Street Postal Station, Toronto, Ontario  M5C 2W9, Tel: 416-643-5500 (or for callers outside of the 416 area code: 1-800-387-0825), Fax: 416-643-5501, Email: inquiries@canstock.com